The Florida private equity fund is investing in emerging mass market industries and exercises majority control of early stage enterprises in need of primary to secondary round financing.  The goal is to diversify proprietary strategies and initiatives to optimize ROI with streamlined operations. 

The geographical focus is Florida, though collateral operations may extend to globally scalable projects.  The interim office is in Jacksonville, Florida and several strategic international affiliates.  The investment platforms are open to domestic partners, sponsors and direct foreign investors who wish to have a commercial base and presence in the United States.  Foreign investors may also apply for their EB-5 immigrant visa for qualified projects.  Executive brief  and business plans of any projects below are available upon request.

2016-2017 JV projects

Global Entertainment &Technology, an early stage Initiative focused in merging and acquisitions of tech companies,  rural radio and terrestrial  stations, a proprietary wireless hardware/software co. and social media sites ready to be listed in the global public exchanges.    An institutional funding commitment is available upon commencing public listing and trading to deploy proprietary wireless technology and infrastructure to deliver high speed internet, content/programming, smart phone/TV apps, VoIP, etc. 

Dain L. Schult, CEO

Tony DaSilva, Global Marketing Officer

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7R Star Industrial Power Cleanerss

7R-Star has been created as a legacy to American Tank Cleaning,  a 35 + years old Florida, USA company specializing in industrial dredging, storage tank sludge removal and a wide range of industrial tank cleaning and waste recovery/recycling even extending to heavily polluted retention ponds/sludge pits.  7R-Star utilizes PROPRIETARY and customized fabrication of PATENTED heavy machinery, tooling and accessories. Once concentrated in the Southeast U.S. servicing the Paper & Pulp Industries, gradually expanded its unique capabilities into other industries such as Power plants and Petroleum industries to name a few.  

Current client list:  Georgia Pacific Corp., Int’l Paper, Amerada Hess Corp., Rock-Tenn Co., Weyerhaeuser, Gerdau Ameristeel, GP Cellulose LLC and expanding.

  • AsiaTownUSA -  a 100-acre commercial development for a proposed cultural, educational and entertainment theme park for Northeast Florida: visit for overview.

  • GeoVertical Farm - 100-acre integrated aquaphonics and hydrophonics food production into an energy efficient, self-sustaining resource recycling and waste management facility under a geodesic dome.  Minimum investment JV participation - $500K.

  • Hybrid Hovercraft - Advance hovercraft technology and engineering for most tactical cargo and passenger logistical transportation.  Lowest maintenance and fuel cost while not sacrificing maritime safety and versatility.  Turnkey manufacturing license and unit ready for Coast Guard certification and deploy anywhere in the world.  Built to specifications - Minimum JV required: $9 Million for large scale models and $500K for small utility craft.

  • North Florida International Motorsports Complex - 1000-acre development for international and domestic motorsport competition and exhibitions.  A cluster network of raceways designed for drift racing, drag race strips, off-road-rallying, slalom races, defensive driving course and an exhibition pavilion for a variety of car shows.

For investors relations contact:

Antonio R DaSilva, MBA-GM
Amelia Island, Florida  USA
USA Phone: 904.900.8612

Nello Gray
Winter Haven, Florida USA
USA Phone: 863.291.4831